AeROS ™ (Asset Reliability and Operations Simulation)

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System requirements: Windows 10 or higher on PC.

AeROS ™ allows user to create a digital representation (Digital Twin) of a production system for prediction analysis using statistical approach.

The Digital Twin is used to predict the likely outcomes in the future, with more focus on production uncertainties. It provides measurements that relate how the assets performances and maintenance policies affect productions.

As the Digital Twin is manipulated at digital level, it allows you to perform virtual trials to achieve the desired production performance. The results can be used for Cost-Benefit Analysis before an investment is committed!



  • Analyze the production impact due to asset reliability and maintenance policy.
  • Analyze the production impact due to supply/demand variations.
  • Identify performance gaps for improvement.
  • Justify improvement program with statistical evidence.
  • Optimize maintenance resource allocation.
  • Optimize spare inventory.
  • Support Life Cycle Cost Analysis.
  • Perform Cost-benefit Analysis.
  • Perform Queueing Analysis (Queueing Theory).
  • Perform Proof-of-Concept Analysis.

What makes AeROS the unparallel system reliability simulation software?

Unique Features

  • Support Repairable (equipment level) and Non-repairable (component level) life models.
  • Support Life-Stress Models with cumulative damage theory to analyze the impact on equipment life due to production rate.
  • Provide Redundant Resource Manager to manage complex standby scenarios.
  • Storage construct to provide buffering and timing functions, together with User defined storage events (Full, Empty, High, High-High, Low and Low-Low) that can be used to control equipment operating status.
  • Tristate plot to enhance operating profile visualizations: Item operating state, standby state and downing state, as well as production rate profile.
  • Provide plots for System Availability Profile, System Flowrate Profile and Spare Availability Profile.
  • Support Time-To-First-Failure analysis.
  • Support User Defined CDF to model statistically random events.
  • Support Flowrate (Production rate) variation profile.
  • Spare restock optimizations batch calculator.

Examples/Case Studies

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System Reliability Modeling

Tri-State plot

Optional Simulation settings

Spare Availability plot

Time-To-First-Failure Simulation

Queueing Analysis