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Reliability Analysis for Repairable Systems (Course Outlines & Registrations)

  • Location: Bali, Indonesia
  • Date: 24 to 27 June 2024 (4 days)

About Us - AssetStudio

Led by industry veterans with "been there, done that" experience, peace of mind is assured:

  • More than 50 years of combined consulting experiences
  • Software tools developed by experienced reliability engineers
  • Sound theoretical and practical competency in reliability engineering
  • Highly competent in process and discret manufacturing industries

We are here to empower the reliability community in their daily reliability analysis. To achieve that objective, we are dedicated to develop intuitive reliability software with impeccable customer service that is built on user-centric corporate philosophy.

Our Consulting Services

Process Industry - Asset Reliability

Reliability analysis through its Digital Twin allows you to simulate the entire lifetime performance of an asset in terms of availability, production efficiency and profitability. The Digital Twin can be manipulated at digital level, and hence allows you to perform virtual trials to achieve the desired production performance

Manufacturing Industry - Product Reliability

Design for Reliability (DfR) refers to the process of designing reliability into products as opposed to the outdated Test-Analyze-and-Fix philosophy. DfR covers several tools and practices and describes the order of their deployment that an organization needs to have in place in order to drive reliability into their products


Our training courses focus on applying sound reliability engineering concepts to solve practical problems. With deep doamin expertise and industry specific knowledge, our instructor could prepare training attendee for the increasingly complicated technical problem

Customer Base

Throughout the years, we have collaborated with numerous prominent companies, assisting them with their ongoing reliability analysis and CAPEX projects. Our enhanced comprehension of our customers has empowered us to swiftly transform industry challenges into improved software features. Furthermore, our extensive years of project experience have positioned us comfortably to tackle intricate technical issues with practical solutions.