Training Seminar: Reliability Analysis for Repairable System

  • Date: 21 to 24 Nov 2022 (4 days)
  • Venue: Bogor, Indonesia

Comparing reliability performance of lubricating oil from different manufacturers

A mining company has a policy to replace the lubricating oil of its fleet of machines when the oil TAN (Total Acid Number) value reaches a critical level. The company is currently using Brand A. Another supplier claimed that its brand (Brand B) has a longer operating life (Oil-Life-Before-Drain).

This example presents a Life Data Analysis approach to compare the lubricating oil datasets from the 2 different suppliers. Given the datasets, we determine whether the difference between the 2 populations is statistically significant. If there is a significant difference, how to access the financial benefits for switching supplier?

Life Data Analysis for product with multiple failure modes

Many non-repairable systems, subsystem, and components (generally refer to as “units”) have more than one cause of failure. For the purpose of improving reliability, it is essential to identify the cause of failure down to the component level.

This presentation shows the procedure for analysing products with multiple failure modes, and compare with the analysis where failure modes information is ignored. The product reliability model is then obtained by combining the reliability of each failure modes in series.